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Our name generator helps you with naming your product, company, domain and more. We create pronounceable and brandable made-up names. Make your business name truly stand out.

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Languages. Select one language to get wordoids constructed according to the rules of that language. Select two or more to blend the tastes of several languages.

No language is selected! Please select at least one of them!

Quality. Quality level defines how wordoids look, sound and feel. The higher it is, the more they resemble the natural words of the selected languages.

Pattern. Wordoids may begin with, end with or contain a short fragment. Enter something, or leave the field empty to create completely random wordoids.

Pattern is not valid! Please check that it contains only letters from “a” to “z”, and is at most 10 letters long! Also, it should be shorter than the maximum length of the wordoids.

Length. Set the maximum length of the wordoids. Short wordoids tend to look better than long ones.

Domain name. We check the availability of .com domain names automatically. Choose whether to show all wordoids or only the available ones.

Registration and hosting. Choose your favorite domain name registrar and web hosting service provider.

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Naming is hard

Coming up with a unique name for a product, company or domain can be a real challenge. Naming is a time consuming process, as there are many guidelines to adhere to. The right name should be short and memorable, should sound good and convey meaning, should have the potential to become a brand, and must not be already used by someone else.

Spark your imagination

A distinctive name may become one of your most valuable assets. Wordoid helps you find a good name by inventing new words. Automagically. They follow the rules of phonetics and roll off the tongue. They sound like real words, though you won't find them in a dictionary. Wordoid speaks several languages, including English, Spanish and French.

Explore and brainstorm

Wordoid provides a number of options to assist you with your naming process. Choose one or more languages, select the preferred quality level, type in a keyword, and Wordoid will come up with plenty of name ideas. Wordoid also checks if domain names are available. Give Wordoid a try, it's easy and fun!